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At Roberts Associates LLC we provide Fractional Virtual CFO, Accounting, Tax and Business Services with premium customer service. Our high-quality service and diligence allow our clients to focus on what they are experts at in their field while we manage their Accounting & Finance Department needs.  Our CEO, Tracia Roberts has over 30 years in the Accounting/Finance industry (bio).

Are you ready to reach the next level?

Are you ready to reach the next level or beyond in your business, but you are unclear on all the data of your business financials? Are you needing a financial specialist that goes beyond just inputting your info?  You need a team that will produce financial statements with clarity, explanation and analysis.  Roberts Associates LLC provides Virtual Fractional CFO, Accounting and Tax services including producing SOPs for your business.


At Roberts Associates LLC we strive to help you understand what's BEHIND YOUR NUMBERS. We are YOUR DATA CFO!!!  Schedule a call today. 


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